Reflecting is beautiful. If we look at the creation around us, we find that the moon reflects the sun's light and water and glass reflect images. People creating art are the same. We are constantly reflecting an idea, a belief, or an emotion. The story of Reflect Visual Arts begins with this truth -- we are but reflections reflecting on reflections. Consider a room filled with mirrors and a beam of crystal light shines into the room. That single beam bounces to and fro mirrors until the room is filled with light, but what if none of the mirrors were turned to the light? The room would remain in the darkened shadows.

This is our job. Christ created us to be reflections of Him -- the ultimate source of light. If we turn our hearts toward Him, then we can be a part of his magnifcent illumination of the world. This is why we create art. We strive to use our gifts to shine Christ to our families, communities, country, and world.

RVA is an arts education and commissioned artwork enterprise -- encouraging growth in students and offering beautiful and masterful works for homes and workplaces across the country.


Founder Abby Little is a young local artist and teacher, who has had her hands in varied art mediums since the age of 4. With over 15 years of classical art training in oil, acrylic, watercolor, master drawing, calligraphy, and art history, Abby now enjoys teaching students of all ages and completing commissioned artwork for homes, studios, churches, and businesses nationally. She is the 2010 National Beta Club Convention's first-place award winner for Acrylic On-site Art, as well as their first-place State Watercolorist. Her work has been the feature of the Leeds Theater and Art Center during the month of February 2013, and in March was a finalist in the annual Energen Art contest in Birmingham. Her passion is to encourage art education and appreciation for students of all ages -- teaching students art from a biblical perspective as she instills the love of God's beauty through the mastery of art.

"People, places, and items all tell silent stories to the reflecting observer. Art opens that window of thought and pushes us to reflect on more than what we see. Viewing a piece of artwork compels us to think of the artist and the inspiration behind it. We must reflect on the deeper history and the message in order to understand its hidden loveliness. Our lives are simply a reflection of our Creator! I believe in a Master Artist and His greatness as the Author of beauty. All that we create is a mimic of original inspiration from the Master Creator -- a majesty that surpasses all we can imagine." ~ Abby

Bethany Hubbard a Hope Christian School graduate and Creative Assistant for Reflect Visual Arts, has been mesmerized by art since she could barely walk. At the age of 14, Bethany decided to pursue lessons from the talented Abby Little. Throughout the years, as Abby mentored her, Bethany has skillfully mastered the techniques of acrylic, oil, water color, oil pastels, graphite, charcoal, and mixed media. Bethany's passion for art has led her to start sharing her gifts by teaching children. For the past three years, Abby Little has engaged her as an assistant art teacher in her classes, so Bethany could learn to effectively spark interest in the next generation. She has been the elementary art teacher at Cornerstone Corporative since 2014. She has a heart for children and she volunteers for CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) during the summer, to share the gospel with children in our community. Bethany also loves helping children through vacation bible school, children's institute, and missions minded kids. In addition to art she has a passion for music, and has played piano since age 11. With these talents, she aspires to minister to children by showing them God's glory through the talents and creativity that He has put into each individual. 

Caroline Couch is an Award winning Hope Christian School Graduate, with 13 years of formal art training in drawing, acrylic, oil, watercolor, pottery, printmaking, calligraphy, and photography. Since the age of 13 she has worked in childcare as a babysitter, nanny, children's church staff, and coordinated overseas children's ministry. As a black belt in Martial Arts she was an instructor for 3 years at Tiger Rock Martial Arts. She is currently assistant to Miss Abby under Reflect Visual Arts and at Hope Christian School. Caroline has a passion for the arts being planted in children at young age. Her keen organization skills help her easily communicate with parents and students. Her heart is for the gospel and sharing it with student through art!

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