One goal of Reflect Visual Arts is to offer quality art lessons to all ages.

Since 2010, RVA's "gypsy art teacher" has traveled around Alabama offering classes to co-ops, churches, homeschool covers, Girl Scout troops, classical schools, and to students privately. Some of RVA 's classes offer acrylic, oil, drawing, mixed media, calligraphy, watercolor, art history, and creative expression. Abby has taught a wide range of ages starting as young as four. She enjoys seeing the love of art grow in her students and helps those with learning differences feel the victory of accomplishment through art.


Online Art Classes on Google+ Hangout, Skype and Facebook

Online Classes

Don't live in RVA's hometown, but still want to take art lessons?

No matter if you live in town or on the moon, classes and private lessons are available to you online! All you'll need is a web cam and video conferencing account (Skype, Google hangout, Facetime.) Take weekly lessons in drawing, art history, watercolor, and creative expression -- all from the comfort of your own home! Just like any class, Abby will assign a time to meet for class and will instruct the student live via web cam and social media!

There is no reason why a student cannot explore and develop art in our world of technology. Request information about our online classes or private lessons on our contact page


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